Cass Valley

"Cass Valley, Tekapo, New Zealand"
Oil on a Cedar Framed Board / 800x600mm
Original painting by Caroline Bellamy 

Work in Progress 2022


Have begun this new painting inspired by the Cass Valley near Lake Tekapo, Central Otago.
Merino sheep can be found up the Cass valley alongside winter Ski Touring. One of the best spots in New Zealand for the backcountry experience.
The landscape is slightly less steep in comparison to some of the Southern Alps closer to the divide.

As I prep my board I cover the white backcountry with an umber underpainting reflecting the ochres and earthy undertones in the valley.
By removing all of the stark white underpainting I am able to lay down my base colours without undermining the ability to evaluate the tonal value of the colours. We don't see pure white in nature so I find it is best to remove it as soon as I can.

Base colours down!

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