“I am so happy with the commission that Caroline painted for us. She travelled to the location (my parents farm in the North Island), and took time to understand the importance of what we needed from her art. Caroline was wonderful to deal with, and she liaised with me as she photographed, sketched and painted.  Her eye and empathy for our story and landscape created an artwork that is immediately important to my family. Thank you Caroline!” Euan McIntosh, Nelson 2021.


I think I was telling my son I think I may have the largest private collection of your works with 9 pieces, starting with the Brass Monkey Biv.
I am not sure at this point how I came across your work originally but seems it was about the time of a “show” you were doing with Parnell Gallery in Auckland and the “Wilkin River” piece caught my eye.
New Zealand particularly the South Island has this amazing scenery such as Arthur’s Pass, the Lindis Pass and Lindis valley, the Fiordlands and you artwork was the first for me that I felt really captures the essence of the views you get in real life.  I have never really liked artwork that is so detailed it becomes more like a photograph so was immediately drawn to the large brush strokes of you work which lets the mind create the image depending on where the painting is viewed from and how the light hits the painting.  The paintings take on a different look through out the day as the light on them change much like the scenery does in real life.  I feel in a way lucky to have been able to purchase a number of these unique works.  As a transplant to New Zealand I will most likely return to the US some day and these pieces will remind me of the beauty of this country and how lucky I feel to have seen it first hand.

While we still have not been able to meet face to face, I have enjoyed following you on facebook and watching different works evolve.  The Kathmandu video was really fun to see and I shared it with family back home.  I have commissioned two pieces now and it was my pleasure to support you and your career as a patron of the arts.   It has been fun to watch your work and style evolve from the Brass Monkey Biv work to the “Morning Light” and most recently “Spring in the Valley”.  Every piece unique and beautiful in its own way. Stanley Smith, Timaru, 2021.