Ratamarumaru Farm

"Morning View, Ratamarumaru Farm, New Zealand"
Oil on Board / 900x600mm / Commissioned painting. 
Completed 2020
Caroline Bellamy 
Spring 2020 I was invited to the Ratamarumaru Farm located Northwest of Whanganui. I spent two days exploring the farm on foot and quad bike, photographing the morning and evening light.
Early morning light highlighted the spring greens, trees, and the contours of the land. This I wanted to capture in my painting, atmosphere and a strong feeling of the place.
The scene I chose was intimate and personal however captured the workings of the farm: Sheep, cows and trees + pastoral land. The painting will be hung at Di & Dougal's place in Whanganui, where they can look across the township to the farm.

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