'Light + Wild' Solo Exhibition at The Parker Gallery Nelson.

November 19, 2018

'Light + Wild' Solo Exhibition at The Parker Gallery Nelson.


Very excited to have a solo show at the Parker Gallery Nelson.

A body of work based on the New Zealand Wilderness and incredible light. 

20 November - 11 December 2018

In this solo exhibition, Nelson-based artist, Caroline Bellamy, captures the essence of New Zealand's landscape; the colours, textures, light and the evident beauty of the land. Energetic, thick, bold brush marks depict the naturalistic forms. Simplification and exaggeration of the landscape characteristics communicate emotion and give the work a sense of spontaneity while a complex use of colour creates an emotive atmosphere and strong sense of depth.

Caroline translates the energy of the landscape by becoming physically involved with the paintings, using her full arm-span and bodily movements in the brush flourishes. The large scale gives the painted landscapes a greater sense of space and scale and places emphasis on the large weighty land masses.

From the valley rivers up to the mountain top alpine tarns, Caroline, a passionate tramper and mountaineer, tramps into these remote areas (often long multi-day trips) directly experiencing the landscape. She then translates these experiences into her paintings.