New Studio Complete

May 22, 2019

New Studio Complete

After getting married in April and spending our honeymoon road tripping down the beautiful South Island New Zealand, heading right in the Fiordland mountains we got straight into building a new stand alone studio to produce my new paintings. 

After doing research my different clear lights, colours to paint walls etc we have finally completed the working studio. The clear lights create a bright luminous even light to work under. The soft grey background wall allows the paintings to rest with an aesthecially pleasing tone. 

The colour, tone, brushwork, texture etc are well lit creating a fantastic working environment. Very excited and happy with the outcome.

I will be having studio visits if people are wanting to view my most current paintings before they are dispersed to galleries or sold, just in case one takes their fancy. Please email me @ if you are wanting to visit. 

People wanting to meet and have a chat are also most welcome. Appointment required.